AQA addiction approaches list of key studies

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  • Addiction approches key studies
    • biological studies
      • Shields et al twin study 42 twin pairs who has been reared apart
      • Comings et al found that 48.7% of smokers carried the A1 variant compared with 25.9% of the general population
      • many studies have shown that 1st degree relatives of pathological gamblers were more likely to suffer from pathological gambling
      • Nasir et al found that smokers who suffer stroke damage to the insular cortex have their addiction eliminated
      • Groset et al found that dopamine agonist used to treat parkinsons disease have the side effects of turning 10% of patients into pathological gamblers
    • Cognitive studies
      • McMaster et al studied cognitive dissonance with Australian smokers
      • Tomato identified typical cognitive distortions in gamblers including superstitious beliefs and illusion of control over luck 
      • Griffiths conducted an experiment to investigate the role of dysfunctional beliefs in relation to gambling activity
    • learning model studies
      • Goldberg  found that monkeys would press a lever to receive nicotine at similar rates for cocaine
      • Morgan and grube investigated how peers affect the initiation and maintenance of smoking and drinking alcohol


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