AQA GCSE Biology Unit 1 4 adaptations

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  • Adaptations
    • Plants
      • Compete...
        • nutrients
        • water
        • space
        • light
    • Animals
      • Compete...
        • Food
        • water
        • Mates
        • Shelter
        • Territory
    • Features that enable organisms to survive
    • Cold
      • Hot
        • Rainforest
        • Wide spread of roots to collect rain and dew from the surface
        • Deep tap root to reach deep underground water
        • Small SA reduces water loss
        • Thin fur for maximum heat loss
        • Specialized kidneys make concentrated urine
        • Large SA maximums heatloss
        • Animal behavior e.g basking and burrowing
    • Extreme Environments
      • HOT- Special proteins that aren't damaged by high temps
      • DEEP SNOW- Flagella help microbes to swim up to the surface
      • BRIGHT LIGHT- Red pigments protect microbe- Absorbs radiating heat to warm
      • NO LIGHT- Use chemicals to make food
      • SALTY- Microbes themselves contain high levels of salt
    • Bio-indicators
      • Lichens don't grow in SO2
      • Aquatic invertebrates Mayfly live in clean waterBlood worms in polluted water
  • Intraspecific- members of the same species competiting


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