Biology: Apaptation for survival

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  • Adaptation to survive
    • Adapt and Survive
      • Organisms need materials arround them to survive
      • Plants:
        • Need light, CO'2 , water, oxygen and neutrients from the soil
      • Animals:
        • Need food from other organisms , water and oxygen
      • Adaptations:
        • Special features of an organism
      • Herbivores: Eat plants
      • Carnivores: eat other animals
      • Most organisms live in temperatures below 40C
        • emzymes can work
      • Extremophiles
        • Microorganisms adapt to living in coditions where emzymes wont usually work because they would dementure
    • Adaptation in aminals
      • If animals are not adapted , they would die
      • Cold Climates : Eg Artic
        • Thick fur and blubber (fat) under the skin to keep warm
        • Artic Fox:
          • White fur in winter and brown fur in summer
            • Camouflage
    • Competition in Animals
      • Animals are in competition with each other for food, water, space, mates and breeding sites
      • Preditors: hunters
      • Preys: hunters victom
    • Adaptation in Plants
      • plants lose water vapour from the leaf surface
      • Plants reduce the surface area of leaves to survive dry conditions
    • Measuring Enviromental Change
      • Change can affect the distribution of living organisms
      • Non-living Factors
        • Temperature, rainfall, light and oxygen levels
      • Living Factors
        • Arrival of a new predetor or desease, introduction of new plants.
      • Indicator species- Indicate changes in the enviroment
    • The Impact of Changes
      • Changes can affect the distribution of living organisms.
      • Data on the effects of environmental change is not always easy to interpret.


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