Adam's Curse

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  • Adam's Curse
    • Context
      • Is a poem written to none other that the infamous Maude Gonne, and her friend. In this poem, Yeats is becoming tired as he ages because he feels like his poems sometimes go to waste
    • Form
      • Is written in heroic couplets, which shows how difficult poetry can be?
    • Meaning
      • Yeats tells how difficult it is to write poetry, he says that he might as well become an old pauper and do cheap labor for a living, since poetry is so unappreciated by the likes of "bankers, schoolmasters and clergymen".
      • Gonne's friend tells how difficult it is having to be beautiful all the time, especially since "they do not talk of it at school", so they must also "labour to be beautiful.'"
      • Adam's cure is obviously referring to the story in the bible in which Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden of Eden to live in labour, as their children would also do, because they disobeyed God.
      • The end of the poem mentions love, which makes the group "grow quiet" as they watch "the last embers of daylight die".
        • Yeats (presumably the speaker in this one,) tells that he has "thought for no one but your ears", meaning Maude and he goes on to say that the thought she was "beautiful" and that he wanted to love her "in the old high way of love" but they'd grown "as weary-hearted as that hollow moon."
    • Themes
      • Love
      • Hardship
      • Religion


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