Psychology // Acute stress

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  • Acute Stress: Immediate and doesn't last long.
    • Causes Fight or Flight response
      • Activates the sympathomedullary pathway
        • What happens when you get stressed?
          • Hypothalamus is the part in your brain that perceives stress.
          • The ANS kicks in.
            • The part of your nervous system that controls involuntary actions.
              • Such as the beating of your heart and the widening or narrowing of your blood vessels
            • The SNS (the ON button)
              • The SNS arouses the body for FIGHT or FLIGHT
                • It does this by releasing a Neurotransmitter called NORADRENALINE
                  • Heart beats faster/ creates more blood/ blood pumped faster/ pupils dilate/ more glucose
                • SNS and SAM make up the sympathomedullary system.
              • Activates the SAM
                • Adrenal Gland found on the kidneys.
                  • Adrenal Medulla is the inside bit of the gland that releases adrenaline.
                • Adrenaline makes certain things happen so all the energy can go to fight/flight.
                  • Suppresses digestive system
                  • Produces more oxygen
                  • Creates more glucose
                • SNS and SAM make up the sympathomedullary system.
            • The PNS (The OFF button)
              • Turns off the fight or flight reaction when the threat is perceived to be over.


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