Acute stress pathway

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  • Acute stress
    • sympathomedullary pathway
      • SAM
    • 'flight or fight'
    • 1)automatic nervous system arroused
      • ANS
      • split into
        • sympathetic nervous system
          • SNS
        • parasympathetic branch
    • 2)SNS aroused- noradrenaline released into blood
      • increases heart rate
      • increases pupil size
      • increases blood pressure
    • 3)SAM aroused at same time as SNS
    • 4)SNS and SAM prepare for 'fight or flight'
      • parasympathetic branch= relax after the response
  • SAM releases adrenaline
    • 3)SAM aroused at same time as SNS
    • increases amount of oxygen
      • for muscles and brain


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