The Acts of the Reformation Parliament 1529-1534

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  • Acts of Reformation Parliament
    • Act of Annates- 1532
      • Halted the payment of annates to Rome
        • Strengthened Henry's position, weakened the Pope's
    • Supplication of the Ordinaries 1532
      • All future changes to canon law would require the consent of the king.
      • Henry to be recognised as Supreme Head of the Church in England and Wales (as far as the law of Christ allows)
      • Clergy to pay a large fine of £100,000 in return for Henry's pardon of praemunire
    • Submisson of the Clergy 1532
      • No new canon law (church law) could be passed without Henry's consent
    • Act in Restraint of Appeals to Rome 1533
      • Removed the right for English people to appeal to Rome in all matters affecting religion and the church.
        • Thus prevented Catherine from appealing to Rome in the issue of her marriage
        • This Act put all ecclesiastical jurisdiction under Henry's control and marked the break of the English Church from Papal authority.
    • Act of Succession 1534
      • Declared Henry's marriage to Catherine invalid
      • Validated Henry's marriage to Anne (they were secretly married in Jan 1533)
      • Established all Henry and Anne's children as legitimate
      • Oath to be taken by Henry's subjects recognising the above changes
    • Act of Supremacy 1534
      • Confirmed all the changes that had taken place and put the final seal on the Royal Supremacy by stating that Henry was "the only Supreme Head on earth of the Church in England"


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