Henry VIII -Acts

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  • Acts
    • Act in restraint of appeals (1533)
      • Prevented appeals to Rome.
      • Kept money in English lawyers hands.
    • Act of 6 articles(1539)
      • Upheld private mass and transubstantiation.
      • Forbade the clergy to marry,
      • Vows of chastity were binding under divine law
    • Act of succession(1534)
      • Made  Henry's marriage to C of A invalid
      • Declared Mary illegitimate
      • Made it treason to deny the succession
    • Act of  supremecy(1534)
      • Gave the king right to collect first fruits and tenths from the clergy.
      • Made it treasonable to all the king or queen a heretic
    • Act of 10 articles(1536)
      • Established the use of images in the church
      • Allowed the doctrine of purgatory.
      • rites and  ceremonies were allowed.
    • Act to remove annates(1532)
      • Removed the Popes main source of income from England
      • stoped payments from bishops to the church from the first years income.
    • Acts of attaiinder
      • Property of a traitor belongs to the crown


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