Active Transport

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  • Active Transport
    • Allows cells to move substances from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration
    • Movement is against concentration gradient
    • Takes energy for AT system to carry molecule across the membrance and then return to its original position
    • Energy for active transport comes from cellular respiration
      • Plants use energy from respiration to move mineral ions from soil to roots against CG
      • Cells involved have a lot of mitrochondria
    • Cells can absorb ions from very dilute solutions and actively absorb substances e.g, sugar and salt against CG using AT
    • Root hair cells
      • Specialised for absorbing water and minerals
      • Tiny projections from cells which push out between the soil particles
      • Short pathways needed for movement of water
      • Concentration higher in root hair cell than in soil
    • Gut/small intestine
      • Low concentration of nutrients in gut, high concentration of nutrients in blood
      • Glucose and other food molecules then moved from small intestine into blood by AT
    • Difference between diffusion and osmosis
      • AT against concentration gradient
      • AT needs energy




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