Act II Scene VI: Millamant and Mirabell

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  • Act II Scene VI: Millamant and Mirabell
    • Contextual Factors
    • Linguistic/ Grammatical Devices
      • Verbs
        • Mirabell uses a modal verb to create a mitigated imperative, which makes him sound more polite and less imposing
          • "I would beg a little private audience too."
        • Mirabell uses a verb in order to give his utterance an assertive tone
          • "... our distemper in all likelihood WILL be the same"
      • Lexis
        • Mirabell uses contrasting lexis to make himself appear a victim
          • "I would beg...You had the tyranny"
        • Mirabell shows his disdain for fops by describing them in a dehumanisi-ng way
          • "things who visit you from their excessive idleness
      • Sentence functions
        • Mirabell's exclamative shows how he is playfully submitting to Millamant's cruelty
    • Literary Devices
    • Spoken Language Features
      • Terms of Address
        • Millamant uses Mirabell's name to express her irritation with him
          • "Mirabell, if you persist in this offensive freedom you'll displease me."
        • Mirabell calls Millamant "madam" to provide contrast with her flippant tone
          • "You are merry, madam"
      • Nonfluency features
        • Millamant's frequent use of dashes may show how she is trying not to laugh
          • "I'm resolved--I think--you may go--ha ha ha!"
      • Interruptions
        • Millamant interrupts Mirabell to assert dominance in conversation Takes away power Mirabell thought he had
          • "Can you not find in the variety of your disposition one momen-t-"
    • Rhetorical Devices
      • Hyperbole
        • Millamant uses a hyperbole to sound extremely dramatic, which fits her character
          • "I can't bear it."
    • Form/Genre
    • Structure
    • Themes


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