Journey's End Act 3 Scene 2

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  • Act 3 Scene 2
    • Contrasting personalities
      • Volcanic S
      • Restrained R
    • Duologue- tension to a b.p.
      • S- intimidating+ radiating hostility
      • Verbal accusations
      • S- manipulating people
      • R- perplexed, but stands his ground- doesn't let S push him around
      • R- broken speech; interruptions; relentless questions- pathos+sympathy
    • R enters the dugout- uncertain of the reception he will receive
    • Silence on stage+ halting speech-> tension
    • Imagery foreshadows the explosive conflict
    • S mimics R's answer
      • Repeats R's hesitation-> bully poking at a person's shortcomings
        • Counters everything R says with persistent questions
    • R apologises to ease S's hostility
      • Stops being meek+ starts questioning S
        • Emboldens
          • Takes S squarely
            • Conditional clause
              • Qualifying apology- insincere
          • Rises when is accused of lying
      • Approaches S in a careful manner
        • Low halting voice
          • Gentle apology
            • Puzzles S
              • R's integrity
                • Gracious, yet still resolute in the face of intimidation
      • Bullied to a point- speaks in a breaking voice
      • His olive branch is destroyed by S's violence
    • S tenses+ intimidates R
      • Turns words around
      • Insinuates that R ignores S's orders
      • Belittles R+ infuses guilt
        • As if R is selfish+ heartless
      • Implies that R is a slow person
      • Humbles R to assert authority
        • R made the officers look like a laughing stock
          • Sabotages the company
        • Obey
      • R is trying to be smart
      • Towers over R
        • Gives S intimidating air+ power
          • Rising temper
            • Irrepressible emotions
              • Culmination/ climax- rage
              • Fights for control
      • Unjust+ abrasive remarks
      • Outraged
      • Accuses R of unlikely+ trivial things
      • Blunt+ vitriolic tirade
      • Contradicts what he had said in Act 1
        • Becomes attentive
    • Silence accentuates tension
    • Osborne
      • S confides in R as he previously did with O+ once with Hibbert
        • Emotional
          • Rarely happens
            • Must maintain morale of the company- leader+ captain
          • Overwhelmed by grief
            • Broken person
          • Pathetic fallacy
            • Hideous personification
              • Sounds of war- constant reminder of a threat
              • Relentless influence of an inescapable war
                • Unnatural parallel
                • Amplification of the torment between the characters
    • Irony
      • The characters are devastated by the same event, but don't understand each other




Information is very good, but it's a little hard to follow with the names shortened to capital letters and so on

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