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  • Act 2
    • there is not sign of Euripides
      • Mnesilochus tries a scene from his new play Helen
        • he starts reciting some of Helens lines
          • 'and so many lost their lives ...because of me'
        • Euripides enters pretending to me Menelaus
        • Mnesilochus tells him that he has arrived at Egypt
        • humorous because they are talking nonsense but Critylla is the outnumbered
          • Mnesilochus even claims that Critylla is Proteus's daughter
        • they act out the scene where Menelaus and Helen meet
        • Menelaus wants to take Helen back to troy but critylla wont allow it
    • Scythian
      • illiterate as he cant pronounce his diction
        • he refers to the girl called 'Artemisia' as 'amnesia'
          • this provides comedy in the form of a pun when he says 'I lose amnesia'
      • he is portrayed as a pervert
        • 'hmmm, she have nice *******'
    • Mnesilochus is tied to a plank
      • Euripides then appears dressed as perseus
      • he is performing a parody from a  scene in Andromeda
        • this was  play about rescue and romance
        • Andromeda was tied to the shore so that Poseidon would not longer be angry at her father
        • perseus was returning from slaying medusa when he saw her and fell in love
        • echo conceals herself from behind a column
        • Euripides appears on a crane to appear as if he is on Pegasus
          • Perseus wants to take Andromeda in marriage
          • it is comical because the Scythian can not understand why Euripides s so smitten with an old man
    • Euripides tells the chorus  women that he will no longer say anything bad about them if they help him out
      • if they help him free Mnesilochus then he will never say a bad word about them
        • if they don't then when their husbands get back from war he will tell them everything
      • Euripides puts on the costume of an old women and calls for twinkletoes
        • twinkletoes is made to give the Scythian a provocative dance
        • Euripides offers the girl for one drachma
          • the Scythian pays and goes off with her
      • when the Scythian comes back the chorus point him in the wrong way


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