Act 1: Part 4 An Inspector Calls

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  • Act 1, Part 4: Shelia's sympathy turns to shock (pp.16-21)
    • Eric and Shelia both feel initial sympathy for the girl
    • Eric is prepared to believe that his father's treatment of the girl might have a link with her death
    • Attracts sympathy of Shelia and audience with his clear hard-hitting description
      • Inspector
        • Shows photograph to one person at a time: mystery
          • Photograph has an immediate effect on whoever sees it
    • Shelia
      • Agrees with the Inspector 'aren't cheap labour- they're people'
      • Distress at girl's suicide strengthens when she compares her misery with her own happiness that evening
    • Mr B
      • Begins to sense a possible scandal
      • Starts to take the idea of scandal more seriously (more concerned about hiding unpleasantness than knowing the truth)


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