Act 1: Part 2 An Inspector Calls

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  • Act 1, Part 2: Mr Birling confides in Gerald (pp.7-11)
    • Mr B fears that Lady Croft sees his family as being socially beneath her
    • Gerald denies this: having money now more important than land owning gentry
    • Mr B's hope for knighthood- going up in the world
      • Importance that Mr B attaches to knighthood- feels it necessary to prove value in society
        • Must be no hint of scandal- 'a bit fishy' Eric's past (hint at a secret)
    • Confides news to Gerald- allowing him to drop a hint
      • Although he should keep his news secret
    • Mr B: happy to benefit from whatever he can take from community but ridicules idea 'mixed up together like bees in a hive'


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