Inspector Calls

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  • Act 1
    • Celebrating Shelia and Gerald's engagement
    • Happy & light hearted atmosphere
    • Birling and Croft- business rivals
      • "Now you've brought us together"
    • Mr Birling Capitalist views
      • "silly pessimistic talk"
      • "Nobody wants war"
      • Titanic- "unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable"
      • "Community and all that nonsense"
        • Inspector Goole enters (community)- "sharp ring of the front door bell"- stopping him
          • Sign that 'Mr Birling is wrong'
    • Mr Birling talks about business in the engagement speech
      • "Crofts and Birling are no longer competing but are working together"
    • Inspector authority
      • "Cutting through, massively"
      • Short instructions
      • Socialist view
        • "aren't cheap labour- they're people"
      • "He moves nearer a light"- putting people under spotlight (pressure)
    • Birling trying to intimidate Inspector with power
      • "Perhaps I ought to warn you that he's a old friend of mine"


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