Act One - Nora & Mrs Linde

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  • Act One - Nora & Mrs Linde
    • Director
      • Plays important role
        • 1. Ensuring differences between N & ML visible
        • 2. Their roles estbalished
          • Mrs L - confidant listening to N's secret
            • Method of filling the audience - happened prior - they meet the characters - called exposition
            • Mrs L: deeper purpose - not just confidant - has her own story.
          • Mrs Linde: values work for its own sake & shows Nora what she could become
      • Consider: way characters move on stage; gestures and interaction with set & props
    • Actor
      • Section of play causes audience to evaluate Nora
        • Dialogue between Mrs L & Nora: N competent with handling money
        • Learn strength of N
          • Doctor told N about husband condition not T
            • Wouldn't have strength to deal with it
            • His pride wouldn't have coped with having to depend on his wife financially
        • Thus far seen N as childlike - when interacting with T
          • Strong & confident in Mrs L
            • Krog arrival - further element of her character - indicates N & T's relationship
      • Audience start questioning what's it seeing - perhaps delving deeper to explore lies underneath - face value of these people
      • Use of facial expression & dialogue delivery key information
        • Conflict lies between interior expressions against observed expressions
          • E.G. 'I'm fine' but looking sad - suggests not fine


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