Othello scene 1

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  • Scene one
    • Iago and Roderigo's speech
      • All very secret - it is like they are gossiping implying that the characters are close and trust each other but dislike the rest of the characters. Also they're not sharing the gossip with anybody indication that they only care about themselves
      • Roderigo is wealthy but stupid, maybe because he is oblivious in love. he gives all his money to Iago even though he says 'I am not what I am'.
        • Roderigo's love is obsessive because he still wants to be with Desdemona even once he learns of her marrige
      • We learn that Iago is angry because Cassio has got the promotion over him he claims it is because 'preferment goes by letter and affection' ie it is who you know not what
      • I follow him to turn my serve upon him - I only love him to get revenge
        • Iago's love is for himself and his love for Othello if fake love
          • others 'keep yet their heart attending on themselves' - they love themselves and do everything for themselves but pretend to love their leader to reep the benefits
      • 'Thick lips' a racist comment. They think that Othello should be identified by his race not his personality
        • It could be argued that this is because they both have reason to hate Othello but in Elizabeten England race played a huge part in how people saw others - see race and ethnicity in Elizabethan England
        • 'ram' animal imagery - lower than a human
      • the moor slayer
    • After waking Brabantio and calling Othello all the racist terms Iago disappears
    • 'not unlike my dream' he feared that this would happen
      • trusted that his daughter obeyed him enough to not fall in love with Othello
    • Line 159 onwards, B king questions doesn't want it to be true
      • 'how she got out' - should be trapped and ask permission
    • synopsis
      • Roderigo is paying iago to help him woo Desdemona
      • I reassures R that he hates O
        • This is because he hasn't become lieutenant even though three great ones advised that he should be
      • they ruin O's wedding by awakening Brabantio
      • B calls up everybody in every house and goes to find O and D


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