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  • Iago : 'Evey way makes my gain'
    • scene 1
      • Act 5
      • Othello : 'O brave Iago, honest and just'
      • Iago : If Cassio do remain he hath a daily beauty in his life that makes me ugly
        • jealousy is the source root of Iago's plan, emphasizes the destructive nature of jealousy as a whole
      • Iago : '[aside] This is the night that either makes me or fordoes me quite.
        • reflects iago's weakness - no one is invincible in tragedy
    • tyrant, a true machevailian
  • Othello: '[he kisses her]' X2
    • scene 2
      • Act 5
      • "Oh banish me my lord but kill me not" "Kill me tomorrow but let me live tonight" "but half an hour"
        • struggle can be seen as autonomous and courageous but is undermined by her passivity & unwillingness to see Othello's jealousy - SERVITUDE IS KEY TO HER MURDER
      • Othello: "She's like a liar gone to burning hell: Twas I that killed her!"
        • o proudly decalres he's killed D moments after denyinf any knowledge. tumultuous stae of mind, believes he is an agent of justice.
      • "That's he that was Othello: here I am" "O cursed cursed slave! Whip me ye devils"
        • distances himself by creating two identities - heightens tragic downfall of jealousy. ROUTE BACK TO HONOR THROUGH LANGUAGE
    • hunter + the hunted, she's asleep; defenseless, assertion of dominance. REGRET BEGINS TO PLAY


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