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  • ACT 4
    • scene 1
      • Othello : 'A fine woman, a fair woman, a sweet woman!...let her rot, and perish, and be damned tonight;'
        • rule of three, juxtaposition, graphic ruminations => brutality of character
      • Othello : 'lie with her! lie on her! ... handkerchief-confession-handkerchief!'
        • Othello is corrupted by Iago (IDIOM). fractured sense of self (lexis/syntax) given way to passion
        • Iago: 'With her, on her, what you will'
      • Othello : "Aside" "Now he importunes her" "Now he denies it faintly"
        • Othello's jealousy has blinded him to the truth. clouded judgement (MYOPIA)
      • Othello : 'Devil.' [He strikes her]
        • pathos for des, sound of this assault would leave an audience 'stupefied into derisive silence'.
    • scene 2
      • Othello : 'would thou hadst ne'er been born!...cinders burn up modesty,'
        • change in character, literally wishes her death.
      • Emilia: "I durst my lord, to wager she is honest"
        • des = innocence but Othello's clouded judgement and myopia prevents him to see this
      • "This is a subtle whore" "Your wife my lord, your true and loyal wife"
        • othello isn't under Iago's manipulation but he uses his idiom. exploitation of women
    • scene 3
      • Des : 'shroud me in one of those same sheet. ...she had a song...and she died singing it. That song tonight will not go from my mind.
        • forebode of her death, irony. mournful folk ballad.
      • Des : 'O, these men, these men!'
        • men are her antithesis


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