Macbeth Act 3 Scene 4

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  • Act 3 Scene 4
    • Beginning
      • 'And last the hearty welcome'
        • Macbeth is over welcoming the Noble men and women, possibly to put aside the treacherous act into getting kingship
        • The reference to “hearty” is ironic since Macbeth is the most heartless host
      • 'And play the humble host.'
        • The word “play” implies Macbeth is acting the part of “humble host” – he is being false to his guests
        • Macbeth is taking on a role to deceive his guests. The dramatic irony means the audience know he is really waiting to hear of Banquo’s death
    • Middle
      • Enter First Murderer
        • Signifies to Macbeth that he cannot escape the past of murdering Dunkan and Banquo.
      • 'Is he dispatch'd?'
        • It shows that Macbeth has no regret killing off his former friend and only cares if he is dead to keep himself as king.
    • End
      • 'now I am cabin'd, cribb'd, confined'
        • It shows that Macbeth is now backed up into a corner, which could worry the audience because he might act more violent and aggressive later on in the play
        • The alliteration of the hard c sounds reveals Macbeth's sense of constraint, in contrast to the freedom which he claims to have enjoyed previously.
      • 'Hath nature that in time will venom breed,'
        • It shows that Fleance is currently not a threat to Macbeth but will come a threat later on.
        • Macbeth is angered that Fleance lives and feels threatened by his potential power, or venom


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