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  • ACT 3
    • scene 3
      • Emilia : ' ...it greves my husband as if the case were his.'
        • dramatic irony - the use of an omniscient audience
      • Othello : 'as if there were some monster in thy thought Too hideous to be shown'
        • Othello knows his harmartia; jealousy - makes it clear to audience. a key feature of tragedy is having a sense of anagnorisis all the way through. also says : 'IT IS THE GREEN EYED MONSTER THAT DOTH MOCK'
      • Othello : '(why did i marry? This honest creature doubtless sees and knows more, much more, than he unfolds.)'
        • he hasn't seen her supposed affair yet believes in it. irony/oxymoron of 'honest creature' and use of parenthesis
      • Othello : 'farewell the tranquil mind, fairwell content, fairwell the plumed troops...'
    • scene 4
      • 'The handkerchief.'
        • repeated 4 times, the last time is an exclamative. O can only think of the assumed adultery.
      • Des : '(o) is true of mind and made of no such baseness As jealous creatures are
        • Dramatic irony, it's literally his harmartia
      • Othello : 'this hand is moist, my lady....hot, hot, and moist'
        • symbol of guilt, further emphasised.


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