Othellp ACT 2

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  • ACT 2
    • scene 2
      • herald : heaven bless the isle of cyprus and our noble general othello!
        • ironic as the tragedy takes place here
    • scene 3
      • othello : '...unlace your reputation thus,'
        • key theme of reputation, Cassio later repeats 'reputation, reputation, reputation!'
      • Othello : 'Iago is most honest.'
        • IRONY!! the entire play is laced with a tragic narrative. ends with a full stop, he wholly believes in this.
      • Iago : ' How am I then a villain To counsel Cassion to this Parallel course'
        • breaks the 4th wall and manipulates audience.
      • Iago : 'I'll pour this pestilence into his ear.'
        • plosive, sharp images. poison imagery, common in shakespeares tragedies.


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