Acids and Bases

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  • Acids and Bases
    • pH Scale
      • A measure of how ACIDIC or ALKALINE a solution is,
      • The lower the pH of a solution the more ACIDIC it is.
      • The higher the pH of a solution the more ALKALINE it is.
      • A neutral substance e.g Water has a pH of 7
    • Measuring the pH of a solution
      • INDICATOR - a DYE that changes colour depending on whether the solution is above or below a certain pH.
      • pH PROBE - attached to a pH meter to measure pH electronically. Probe is placed in the solution you are measuring and pH is given on a digital display as a numerical value = more accurate than an indicator
    • ACID
      • Substance that forms an aqueous solution with a pH of LESS THAN 7
      • Acids form H+ ions ions water
    • Base
      • Any substance that will react with an acid to form a salt
    • Alkali
      • A base that dissolves in water to form a solution with a pH greater than 7.
      • Alkalis form OH- ions in water.


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