Acid rain in China

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  • acid rain in China
    • causes
      • 33% of China suffers with acid rain
      • the south has rain with pH 5
      • due to increased car ownership
      • high usage of coal as china lacks other fuels, 75% of power stations are coal-fired
      • there has been rapid industrialisation
      • over-use of nitrate fertilisers,
      • lack of anti-pollution laws and little environment protection
    • impacts
      • increased chemical weathering on buidlings and roads
      • rail and power lines corrode and fail
      • soil increases in acidity and crops fail/ lower yield
      • loss of forests increases soil erosion
      • rivers and lakes increase in acidity damaging wildlife
        • also affects fish farming
      • eye and respiration health problems increase
      • ancient buildings corode
    • solutions
      • new technology allows clean coal burning and desulphurisation
      • government taxes pollution
      • reducing fossil fuels Eg Three Gorges Dam
      • adding powdered limestone to lakes
      • in 2006 $175 bil was invested into decreasing pollution levels


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