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  • Achievement in school.
    • Gender
      • 72.6% of girls got their GCSE'S between A*-C
      • Most people in school think that boys mess around.
      • Some boys may not want to learn or listen in school because most teachers are female.
      • boys are stereotyped to be less mature
    • class
      • the pupils might get negatively labelled for their class
        • they might not be able to afford the equipment they need, so this effects their education.
      • Teacher might teach different type of pupils from different class differently.
      • pupils may not be able to speak properly due to their class.
    • Ethnicity
      • Different expectations for different ethnicity groups.
      • Lessons are structured around different cultures
      • lower class pupils will have a effected education because they might not have money
      • some teachers might not be able to understand different pupils.


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