Divition in school

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  • Gender
    • Girls always come on top on league tables
    • Boys are labelled as disruptive and annoying
      • Causes them to feel disheartened which can cause them to do worse in their exams
    • Lack of male teachers means less role models for boys
    • Girls can be entered into all subjects and must take English, maths and science like boys
      • Girls are allowed to do whatever subjects they want
    • There are anti-discrimination laws in place to keep girls safe
    • If girls misbehave, teachers usually shrug it off, however if a boy is told off, they get in big trouble
    • At home, girls can be made to do more chores than boys, which can be hard for them to do homework
    • Government initiative- the Government tried to push girls into traditional boyish subjects (ie. Resistant Materials)


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