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  • ACC
    • ‘gloomy suite of rooms’
      • melancholy personification
      • describes Scrooge’s house
      • mock the suggestion that happiness is gained from money
    • Positive portrayal of Scrooge’s moral awakening allows Dickens to present an optimistic message
      • ‘Oh glorious! Glorious!’
        • Joy to be found in redemption
    • Dickens’s childhood - first-hand experience of grim reality of poverty in Victorian England
      • Father sent to debtor’s prison -  Dickens childhood working in factory.
    • Dickens passionately campaigned throughout life for social change on issues like child poverty & treatment of women
      • Harshly represented in his stories
        • ACC= hypercritical text, written to raise awareness of child poverty
    • Industrial revolution -urbanization - overcrowded, hunger, disease.
    • Malthus - believed poverty was result of over-population &  poor families shouldn't be allowed to have children.
      • Dickens appalled by Malthus theory. Instead attacked selfishness of rich who were unwilling to share their wealth
    • Dickens rejected Christian beliefs (saw as cold & unforgiving). Instead, he saw religiosity in Christmas spirit & compassion for others
    • Story = optimistic as it's an allegory of redemption. Scrooge forgiven for past sins & becomes new, better, man.
    • Extended sensory imagery - portray Scrooge as selfish old miser who lacks charitable feeling & is self-seeking
    • Fred serves to act as extreme contrast to Scrooge in his kindness towards man, symbolised by his infectious Christmas spirit
    • Jacob Marley recognises too late his business shouldn't be economical but instead kind and spiritual
    • Comical portrayal of Scrooge as lonely boy allows reader to see he is product of his environment so can be redeemed
    • Symbolism surrounding Ghost Present shows Xmas as time of joy & festivity, encouraging Scoge;'s desire to change
    • Sentimental & Romantic depiction of Cratchits gives nameless many a face for reader to sympathise with. Cratchits are grateful for what they have despite heavy burden of poverty.
    • Future shown by future ghost shows the risks of life ill-spent & acts as warning to those who don’t embrace love & community.
    • Scrooge’s awakening (Stave 5) = both literal & figurative. Shows joy of redemption & spiritual transformation
    • Use of omniscient narrator allows Dickens to offer reader romanticised vision of future where Scrooge = charitable & compassionate + is rewarded - family and friends -Thus lives metaphorically rich life.


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