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  • Academies
    • The first clutch of academies were opening in September 2002 under Labour
      • The clear policy aim was to improve educational outcomes in deprived and failing areas
      • 203 academies were created under Labour
      • It does seem that converting to academy status, at least under Labour, may actually deliver significant improvements
        • An extra 3% of pupils (in academies which have been open for 2 years) achieve 5 A*-C GCSE's
        • Schools were able to be recreated with perhaps a new name but definitely a new outlook and staff
    • Supporters believe that academies can make a real difference whilst critics see them as an easy was to privatise state education
    • Under the Coaltion
      • All schools are eligible for academy status, not just failing ones
      • It is clear that the schools which have been awarded academy status are significantly more advantaged that an ordinary school
      • The added bonus of extra money is not as it used to be under Labour
      • As of January, 12% of all schools are now academies - over 2,600 schools. But this is always increasing
      • Coalition academies contain a considerable lower percentage of children eligible for free school meals


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