A.C. 1.1 - Crime and Deviance (UNIT 2)

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  • A.C. 1.1 Crime and Deviance
      • An act, or omission which is forbidden and punishable by law
        • law is not definitive
      • Behaviour or Activity that offends the 'norm' of a society/community
        • Subjective
          • down to interpretation
    • Deviance: violation that goes against the social norms of a society. the behaviour, which is not acceptable by the society.
      • BAD: Negative behaviour, seen as harmful to 'norms' for example murder.
      • ADMIRED: Good or admirable behaviour, even though it goes against social norms for example heroism
      • ODD: Behaviour which is out of the ordinary, someone not fitting in with society and its norms. for example having 50 cats.
    • Formal Sanction: Given out by law enforcement and the Judicial System.
      • Police: these include cautions, fines, penalty notices.
      • Courts: these include fines, probation, community service, prison and discharge
    • Informal Sanction: Unwritten an unofficial methods, used to steer social norms within a society.
      • These include: name calling, ignoring behaviour, labelling behaviour, detention, grounding and frowning.
    • Social norms: the social expectations that influence and explain behaviour within a particular society.
      • Social Mores: these encompass the norms; of customs and behaviours of a society.
      • Moral Codes: good ways of behaving, learnt from differences of right and wrong.
      • Values: base principles which society places important, which tend to determine our behaviour and actions.


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