The Abyssinian crisis.

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  • Abyssinian crisis.
    • Sueze canal-owned by Britain and France. They could have closed it to stop Mussolini from getting to Africa but they didn't want to upset him because that would make him join Hitler..
    • Hoare-Lavel pact- the British and French foreign ministers came up with a plan without consulting anyone else. They planned to give Italy some fertile regions of Abyssinia to keep Mussolini happy but their plan was leaked to the press and it proved they were wiling to undermine the League for their own gain.
    • Trade sanctions on Abyssinia- The League banned members from selling arms to them and Italy which left Abyssinia with nothing to defend itself against the modern Italian army.
    • Trade sanctions on Italy-Members of the League were forbidden from importing Italian goods. Trade sanctions didn't involve iron, steel, oil or coal and Mussolini later said that he would have stopped if these had been banned. Britain were worried that banning coal trade would lead to unemployment and the USA or USSR could supply him with oil anyway.


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