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  • Abyssinia Crisis (1930's)
    • Why did Italy want to invade Abyssinia?
      • They owned the two countries either side of it and wanted to expand their empire.
      • For resources like oil.
      • For revenge as Abyssinia beat them in 1896 at the battle of Adowa.
    • Italy preparing to invade...
      • In 1922, the facist dictator Mussolini came to power in Italy.
      • In 1928, Mussolini publicly signed a treaty of friendship with Ethiopia.
        • Meanwhile, Mussolini's generals were planning the invasion of Abyssinia.
      • Italy was well prepared to attack with many weapons. In 1934, Italian and Ethiopian troops clashed at Walwal.
        • Italy then accused Abyssinia of aggression at Walwal, giving Italy an excuse to attack.
      • Two immense Italian armies invaded Abyssinia in 1935.
    • League's reaction. Nov 1935
      • Imposed economic sanctions (didn't work)
        • 3 of Italy's allies refused to take part.
        • America didn't take part (not in league)
        • Britain refused to close Suez Canal.
      • Britain and France then went behind the League's back!
        • (Dec 1935) drew up Haare-Laval plan: give Italy 2 large areas of Abyssinia, and reserve the south of the country for Italy's business.
          • Mussolini agreed but the people of Britain protested the plan was unfair on Abyssinia so it was abondoned.
  • consequences
    • Italy left the League and went to seek support from Hitler.
    • Showed league was useless, and people like Hitler and Mussolini thought they could do whatever they wanted.
    • Britain and France went behind the League's back.
    • May 1963: Italy captured the capital city and named their King emperor of Abyssinia.


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