Abyssinian crisis

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  • Abyssinia
    • Italy invades Abyssinia
      • in december 1934 a clash occurred between the Italian and Abyssinian at WAL WAL on the border between the Abyssinian and Italian somalians in AFRICA, there was some loss are life
      • dispute went to league for a decision
      • Italian forces invaded A on the 3rd of October 1935- Mussolini claiming that he was trying to bring civilisation to A
      • Italians fought with tanks, aeroplanes and poison gas against A with their spears and knives
    • Leagues response
      • AGAINST M
        • trade in arms to Italy were stopped and imports banned from Italy
        • It took over two moths for League to make a decision on other sanctions
        • Britain and France didn't stop Italy closing the Suez canal to italian ships (easiest route to abyssinia)
        • Britain did not stop supplying coal, iron and steel, the things that they needed for an invasion
        • hoare-laval pact- italy given 2/3 of A


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