Types of Abuse

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  • Abuse
    • Physical
      • Definition-When someone is deliberately hitting, shaking or throwing another person.
      • Example-When someone in a residential care home shakes a resident violentely to wake them up.
    • Sexual
      • Definition-When a women or man of any age is being forced into sexual activities. This could be causing unwanted pain during sex.
      • Example-A doctor in a hospital touching a patient somewhere inappropriatewhen dressing them.
    • Neglect
      • Definition-This is when a child is left at home alone. It's the persistent failure to meet a child's basic needs.
      • Example-In an individual's home, a parent/carer not providing the right care for them.
    • Financial
      • Definition-This is the limiting access of money or other resources. it could be forcing people to steal or making people beg for money.
      • Example-A carer making an individual beg for moeny outside a shop for moeny for themselves but use them becasue they look vulnerable.
    • Emotionally/ Verbally
      • Definition-This is an ongoing emotional maltreatmentof someone, that can damage their health and development.
      • Example-A carer in a dementia care home shoutin at a resident for no reason. Making them feel upset and scared.


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