Absorption of Glucose in the Ileum

  • Section 2 - Cells - transport across cell membranes
  • how glucose is transported to the blood stream
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  • Absorption of Glucose in the Ileum
    • 1. Na+ ions are actively transported out of epithelial cells by the Na-K pump.
      • 2. This maintains a much higher concentration of Na+ ions in the lumen of the intestine than the epithelial cells.
        • 3. Na+ ions will diffuse into epithelial cells down this concentration gradient via a co-transport protein. As the Na+ enter, glucose molecules enter at the same time.
          • 4. The glucose is passed into the blood stream by facilitated diffusion via a carrier protein.
            • Glucose can be used for an immediate energy source in the body.
              • Glucose is used in both types of respiration.
          • Glucose moves against its concentration gradient. Instead of using ATP, is uses Na+ concentration gradient.
            • Co-transport is an indirect form of active transport.
      • Na+ leaves while K+ enters.
      • Active transport uses energy in the form of ATP.


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