Absorption of glucose in the ileum

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  • Absorption
    • Increasing the rate of movement across membranes
      • The epithelial cells lining the ileum possess micro-villi
        • 0.6 um in length
        • Provide more surface area for the insertion of carrier proteins.
      • Increase the number of channel and carrier proteins
        • Increase their density.
    • Diffusion
      • The net movement of of molecules from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration
      • Higher concentration of glucose and amino acids within the ileum than the blood
        • Glucose therefore moves down a concentrated gradient (facilitated diffusion)from the ileum to the blood.
        • The blood is constantly being circulated by the heart.
          • Glucose is constantly being removed from the blood by cells to be used up in respiration
            • This helps to maintain the concentration gradient.
    • Active transport
      • Diffusion only results in the concentrations becoming equal
        • This means that not all glucose and amino acids are absorbed.
          • To stop this active transport is absorbing the glucose and amino acids
            • Therefore all the glucose and amino acids should be absorbed by the blood.


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