Absolute Poverty

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  • Absolute Poverty
    • Charles Booth
      • Conducted street surveys (1889-1903)
      • Focused on Inner London (East London)
      • Based off on income level he had set to determine whether they were in absolute poverty or not.
    • Seebohm Rowntree
      • Basket of Goods
      • Affected by Booth's work.
      • Conducted poverty surveys in York.- 1909,1941,1951
      • Sought to find whether those in York could purchase basic food items in order to survive.
      • He created the Basket of Goods as a measure.
    • Bradshaw
      • Budget Standards Approach
      • The minimum income required to buy the items need to be healthy.
    • European Union
      • Poverty Line
      • Those above the poverty line meet the Budget Standards.
      • Those below the line are in absolute poverty.


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