Abortion and a right to a child

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  • Abortion and right to a child
    • Mary Ann Warren
      • In favour of abortion
      • Gives criteria for personhood
        • Consciousness
        • Ability to feel pain
        • Exercising the use of reason
        • Being self aware
    • Virginia Mollenkott
      • In favour of abortion
      • "Killing a foetus is not seriously wrong"
      • A foetus doesn't have personhood as it has to have commitments and do things back and forth which a foetus doesn't
    • Jane English
      • A foetus might not be a person but is should still have a moral code
      • We have a moral code on how to treat animals but they aren't humans
    • James Mackie
      • The unborn child is already a human
      • Abortion is murder
    • Catholic Church
      • The foetus has personhood from conception
      • The foetus is neither part of the mother or the father, it is a separate entity
    • Judith Jarvis Thomson
      • Analogy of a violinist
        • You wake up attached to an unconscious violinist as the Society of Music Lovers kidnapped you in the night
        • You are told that his circulatory system is plugged into you and you must stay that way for 9 months or he will die
        • What if it were not nine months but nine years? Shouldn't you get a choice in what happens
      • In favour of abortion


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