Abortion Revsion -RE - Ethics

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  • Abortion
    • When does life begin?
      • Roman Catholics believe that life begins at the moment of conception-Fertilisation
      • Some people believe that life begins when there is heart activity
      • Some people believe that life begins when there is brain activity
      • Some people believe that life bgins at birth as the child is able to breathe alone
      • Some people believe that life begins at 24 weeks as the baby is viable as most babies are able to survive
    • The sanctity of life
      • All life is God given--"God created man in his own image"
      • All human life deserves respect -- "Your body is a temple"
      • All life is precious-- "Not one of them is forgotten by God"
      • God has a plan for everyone -- "All the days are ordained"
      • Life should not be destroyed -- "Do not kill"
    • Key words
      • Abortion--> Any death of a baby in the womb and its expulsion from the mother's body
      • Procured abortion--> When the growing baby is deliberately killed and removed from the womb
      • Termination--> Alternative word for 'procured abortion'
      • Miscarriage--> When the baby dies in the womb of its own accord
      • Premature stillbirth--> The loss of a baby after it is viable; that is, able to survive outside the womb
      • Conception--> The fertilization of the mother's egg by the father's sperm
      • Implantation->When the fertilised egg embeds itself in the wall of the woman's womb
      • Foetus--> The fertilized egg from the eight week onwards
      • Sanctity of life--> Life is sacred because it is God given
    • why do people have abortions?
      • They may not be prepared for the responsibility of parenthood
      • The child may have a disability
      • The child may be a result of ****
      • If it is necessary to save the woman's life
      • To prevent grave permanent injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman
      • I there is a substantial risk that if the child was born, it would suffer from physical or mental abnormalities
    • Denominational views on Euthanasia
      • RC--> They believe that human life begins at conception. All human life is sacred and should be protected. Abortion is always morally wrong.--> "abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes"
        • "Do not kill"
      • Church of England--> There are strictly limited conditions when abortion can be seen as morally preferable to any available alternative. They believe that human life is created in God's image.When pregnancy threatens the life of the mother abortion is justifiable. when abortion is necessary it should be carried out as early as possible. Abortion on the grounds of handicap should only be performed when there is limited chance of survival
        • -"Lesser of two evils"   -"love your neighbour"  -"Created in God's image"  -"Boy is a temple"
      • Methodist-->Abortion is always an evil. There are situations such as grave handicap or **** where abortion is the lesser of two evils. If abortions have to be carried out they should be done as early as possible.
        • -"Lesser or two evils"  -"Obey your rulers"  -"Love your neighbour"
      • Salvatio Army--> Cases where Salvationists allow abortion would be where th mother could be harmed irreversibly, **** or incest and severe handicap
        • "love your neighbour"
    • Alternatives to abortion
      • Fostering
      • Keeping the child-through support and couselling
      • Giving the baby up for adoption after birth
    • Pro-Life Group--> Against abortion because all life must be protected from the moment o conception
      • Pro-Choice Group--> For the choice to make the decision whether to have an abortion or not because the mother is alive in a way that a foetus is not so she has the decision to what happens to her body


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