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  • Abortion
    • legal in the UK if the foetus is less than 24 weeks old
      • It has to be done before the baby could live outside the womb without medical help
    • Many Christians believe that all babies have a soul from the moment of conception and so are fully human
      • Therefore they believe abortion is the same as murder
      • Jeremiah 1:5
      • The sixth of the Ten Commandments is "you shall not murder"
    • Church of England and Roman Catholic Church teach that abortion is a great moral evil
      • Human life must be protected and respected from the moment of conception
    • The Roman Catholic Church does not permit abortion under any circumstances
      • They believe that life begins at conception, therefore a women should never abort a foetus
      • However, if life saving treatment given to a pregnant women results in the unavoidable loss of the foetus, this is acceptable
        • known as the "double effect"
    • The Church of England teaches that abortion is only acceptable is exceptional circumstances
    • Other Christians take a broader view, but believe that abortion should be a last resort
    • Christians can look to Christ's teaching of agape and say that, in some circumstances,it would be the most loving thing to do


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