Medical Ethics- Abortion

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  • Abortion
    • Abortion is the removal of the foetus before it can survive outside the womb - viable.
      • Has been legal in the UK since 1967
      • You must go to a clinic to access abortion.
      • A woman can have an abortion up to 24 week into pregnancy.
      • Procedure- A pill for early abortion or vacuumed for later abortions.
    • Prochoice
      • If the woman becomes pregnant when young she should not be forced to pay for her mistake.
      • Life does not really start until birth, or at the earliest until the fotus is viable. The woman is a person and so has more rights than what some might refer to as a blob of cells.
      • The woman's circumstances need to be considered. For example a **** victim should not constantly be reminded of their ordeal, they should not have to care or give birth to an unwanted child/
      • The risk to the mothers life/health outweighs that of the baby.
      • Adoption is not an easy option when a woman has carried a baby for 9 months and given birth to it.
    • Prolife
      • Abortion is murder because life starts at conception.
      • Only God can take life away. Abortions mess with Gods plan.
      • Each person is unique and no one knows how valuable that child's life might be. An abortion might deprive the world of someone who is truly great in some capacity
      • Quality of life is important so it would be cruel to bring a mentally handicapped child into the world.
      • Children are a blessing and should be cherish not destroyed. God knows people before the are even born.
    • Roman Catholics
      • Abortion is completely wrong, the only time it would even be remotely acceptable is the result of an operation to save the mother.
      • It is a grave moral evil.
      • Equal to murder
      • Must be protected from the point of conception.
    • Church of England
      • It is a necessary evil, only to be used as a last resort.
      • The life of the foetus is classified as non-sacrosanct if it endangers the mothers life.
      • Liberal laws have caused the increase in abortions.


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