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  • Abortion
    • Church of England
      • Human life is sacred.
      • Is a great evil however compassion should be shown to those in distress or need.
      • In an imperfect world it is seen as a lesser of the 2 evils.
      • Important to create a caring climate in which alternatives are available.
    • Doctrine of double effect
      • Accepted by RCC in order to save the life of the mother in vase of an ectopic pregnancy or serious illness,
      • Definition:If doing something morally wrong has a morally bad effect, it is right providing the bad side was not intended.
    • Methodist Church
      • Human life is sacred. Avoided at all possibilities.
      • In an imperfect world there will be circumstances where termination may be the lesser of the two evils.
        • Circumstances include: ****; foetus grievously handicapped;risk to physical or mental health of the mother
      • Based on Jesus' teachings of forgiveness.


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