AS Applied Ethics Abortion

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  • Abortion
    • Situation Ethics
      • Untitled
    • Christian Ethics
      • Natural Law
        • Goes against Primary Principle -preservation of life
      • "made in the image and likeness" of God
      • "Go forth and multiply"
      • "Whatever you do unto the least of my brothes that you did unto me" Matthew 25;40
      • Liberals
        • Lesser of two Evils
      • Catholics
        • Doctrine of Double Effect
          • Only when mothers life is endangered and motive is not to abort but save mother
          • Abortion is a side Effect ONLY
        • Sanctity of Life
          • JP2"No one ever has the authority to destroy unborn life"
        • NO!
      • Ben.16th "as far as abortion is concerned its part of the 5th commandment "thou shalt not kill"
    • Kant
      • Hypothetical as looking to consequence
      • Can't universalise as it contradicts volition
      • Feotus has potential to reason
      • Sex should only occur within a marriage
      • Doctor used as a means to an end
      • NO!
      • Good Will-believe child will have poor standard of living than maybe ok
    • Utilitarian
      • Greatest good for the greatest number - future childs happiness and the potential of them having childen
      • Mill would argue cant do it if you just don't want to be fat during preg


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