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  • Abortion
    • Quality of Life
      • Severe Disability
        • May live a life of suffering and pain.
        • May not enjoy life.
        • May not be able to communicate with others.
        • If they need full-time care, this will place extra strain on the family.
      • An Unwanted Child
        • Unplanned children are often loved but not in all cases.
        • May cause resentment in a women.
        • May not be able to give the child the love and attention it deserves.
          • The mother may not be ready.
        • The child's father may not want to be involved.
      • Poverty
        • Some people cannot afford a child.
        • Things needed for a child are expensive.
        • Parents may be out of work.
          • If single mother, may have to quit her job to look after the child.
    • Rights
      • Rights of Unborn Child
        • The unborn child has a life of some sort.
        • Fetus is dependent on the mother,
          • Needs protection.
          • Mothers responsibility for putting the child there.
        • Baby is unique and deserves the right to life.
      • Rights of Mother
        • Right to choose.
          • Womens choice.
          • Her body, her health, her life and her freedom.
          • She must have final say.
        • Right to safety.
          • Legal abortion in the early stages of pregnancy is safe.
          • Women must have two doctors to agree with abortion.
      • Rights of Father
        • The father has no say in whether the women must get an abortion or not.
        • In the UK, two fathers have taken the mother of their child to court but lost.
      • Right to Equality of Opportunity
  • Baby could have been conceived through ****.
    • The child's father may not want to be involved.


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