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  • Abortion
    • What is abortion
      • It is the deliberate ending of a life after fertilisation of the ovum and before birth
    • When does life begin
      • 1. Pre-Conception
        • Every sperm is scared, essential for life to begin, limited number of eggs
        • Billions of spem - only one is need, no human lise is present
      • 2. Conception
        • Unique being with unique genetic cod is produced, will develop into a human, Pope Pius ix  believes that life is present here
        • Just a newly formed group of cells; an acorn is not a oak tree; not recogised by law as a human; may do not make it to implantation; mothers unaware
      • 3. Primitive Streak
        • Provides structure foe embryonic, structure to align themselves, now clear if one or more person will be a result
        • Not discernable sign of humanity are present, no organs, Experimentation can take place until this piont
      • 4. Conscionsness
        • Suggest brain development, feotus is now a growing and recognised as a human
        • Potential victory is not the smae as an actual victory, feotus is not yest self-aware, not reconginsed in the law as a full human
      • 5. Viability
        • Feotus could survive out of the womb; recongisned by law as a human being
        • Many born at this stage do not survive; nature is way of saying not ready yet - 28 weeks for a reason
      • 6. Bith
        • It is a full human being, given an identity and celebrated on that day
        • Not yet fully self-aware
    • Christian ideas on Abortion
      • Against mainly Roman Catholics
        • I know you before you were in the womb
        • Human being are made in God image
        • If anyone destory God's temple; then God will destory them
        • Life is sacred and a gift from God
        • Thou shall not murder
        • Life starts are Conception
      • For mainly protestants
        • love you neighbour as you love youself
        • Love for one's fellow human being
        • could be seen as an act of charity
    • Buddhist Ideas on Abortion
      • Agianst
        • The first precept - do not harm any sentient being
        • That Dukkha is our only way to get out of samsara
        • the story of the blind turtle
        • the eight fold path
      • For
        • Metta loving kindness
        • The eightfold path right intention
    • Ethical theory for abortion
      • Feminist Position
        • That id abortion is banned then it would mean thta women rigths would be lost as well and thta it owuld go back to the older days
      • Mary Anna Warren
        • States thta abortion are banned then it owuld lead to unsafe abortion again (bact street) were 200,000 women died a year. plus thta it would affect the well-being of her family


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