Religious Education - Abortion

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  • Abortion
    • Catholic views
      • believe abortion is morally wrong
        • if a woman has an abortion it is by catholic law she should be excommunicated
          • Excommunicated means to be thrown out of the church
      • firmly believe once the sperm fertilises the egg, life has begun therefore it is a human being with potential
        • killing a human being is classified as taking away the life of a young one so it is referred to as murder
          • Pope John Paul II -" I confirm that the direct and voluntary killing if an innocent human being is always gravely immoral"
      • life is sacred and given by God therefore it should only be taken away from God
        • Abortion does not follow Natural law as it is not natural in which the woman becomes pregnant and conceives or have a natural abortion
    • Church of England views
      • believe abortion is wrong but may be morally right under certain circumstances
        • Considered morally right if - the mother may not survive - the child will be born with a disability - the child was a result of ****
      • the life of the mother is considered more important than the childs
        • does not believe that life began at conception
          • abortion may sometimes be the most loving thing to do
      • Jesus forgives people so should christians
        • Church of England 1983, - " that in situations where the continuance of a pregnancy threatens the life of a mother, a termination of pregnancy may be justified and that there must be adequate and safe provision in out society for such situations


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