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  • Abortion
    • intro
      • Medical process where pregnancy is terminate to prevent birth of baby
      • wrong as 'do no murder'
      • when does life begin
    • sanctity of life
      • Bible / vaitican
        • 'Body is a temple of the Holy spirit'
      • Aquinas
        • NML
          • moral grounds
      • X Glover
        • do we only value live because its a vehicle of conciousness?
    • Personhood
      • Jack Mahoney
        • RESFC
      • Peter Singer
        • foetus although a human species is not a person in the way we understand
      • X Mary Anne Warren
        • 'moral reciporicty'
          • respect another persons right to live and a foetus can not do this
    • Ensoulment
      • Catholicism
        • baby quickening (signs of life, middle ages) ALWAYS WRRONG
      • Islam
        • 120 days - after this point WRONG
      • X what is the soul?
        • Dawkins says it is a metaphysical term
    • Moral rights
      • JJT
        • violin analogy
          • although would be the nice thing to do it is not their obligation
          • advocates mother rights
      • Mary Anna Warren
        • Mother is more developed and therefore more deserving of rights
      • X Don Marquis
        • WRONG as loss of ones future
    • Religious viewpoints
      • Judaism
        • developing life so SHOULD be protected where possible
        • room for mild pro choice
      • Catholicism
        • abortion is an un - speakable crime
        • 'God created man in his own image'
      • X Case study
        • needed an abortion due to rare disease
          • was denied and later died of septic miscarraige
    • Situation Ethics
      • Fletcher
        • most important thing is love and should be prepared to put principles aside to do whats wrong
      • 'lesser of two evils' (product of ****)
      • case study - disability


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