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  • Abortion
    • Life of mother Vs Life of foetus
      • Pregnancy causes massive physical, emotional and health changes
        • Warren - denying a woman an abortion is a violation of her rights and sexist
          • Ruins women's bodies
            • Unsafe abortions kill 200,000 a year
          • Can affect their careers
          • Reinstates the idea that a woman must stay at home and do chores
      • Can kill the mother
      • Ectopic pregnancy
      • Thompson - abortion is self-defence
      • Double effect
    • Reasons for an abortion
      • ****
      • Financial issues
      • Too young
      • Deformed or disabled foetus
      • Risk to mother's health/life
    • Religious attitudes
      • Christianity
        • Sinful as life begins at conception
        • Catholic Church and Orthodox churches strictly against
          • Double effect
        • CofE lets Anglicans decide for themselves
      • Islam
        • The mother is a source of life therefore extremely important
        • 120 days is ensoulment
          • Okay up until then
        • Justified for foetal or maternal health issues
        • Recent ayatollahs say 'God sometimes doesn't require his creatures to practice his law'
          • In the case of poverty or over population
    • When does life begin?
      • Conception
      • Conscious-ness
      • Viability
      • Birth
      • Primitive streak


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