Abortion- Intro

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  • Abortion: Deliberate termination of a pregnancy
    • Legal position:
      • The 1967 Abortion Act:
      • Legalised abortion up to 28 weeks, with two doctors consent, for medical reasons, for psychological reasons or family reasons
      • The age of viability has now dropped to 22 weeks with medical advances
      • "Slippery slope" Potential beginning of a trend- Used as form of contraception
    • Person-hood: When does life begin?
      • J Glover: Determining the point at which a person becomes a person is not logically possible
      • Conception, validity,birth
      • Peter Singer: To be a person, one needs to be conscious & have the ability to feel pain & be self aware
      • Marry Anne Warren: Birth-What characteristics? Reason& communication:"Genetic humanity is not enough"- Birth is time when baby no longer relies on mother for survival
        • Clover: Rejects this- No difference between late foetus and a new born
      • Don Marquis: Abortion is wrong, it deprives someone of a future- "The ethics of killing is self-evident"
    • The Quality of Life:
      • Danger here of "playing God" can be seen as paternalistic
      • Fears that if fails to treat foetus with dignity, will inevitably lead down a "slippery slope"
      • Peter Singer: "Replacement Argument"- It is always better to replace a less happy child by a happier one
      • J.J. Thompson: women are not morally obliged to complete every unwanted pregnancy
    • Sancity of Life
      • Life is intrinsically valuable,our duty to preserve it
    • The Right to a child:
      • Fertility treatments; IVF, Artificial insemination, surrogacy, PGD


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