Deviation from social norms

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  • Abnormality (after revision)
    • Deviation from social norms
      • Explicit
        • Behaviour that isn't acceptable by law
          • Correction: established laws
      • Implicit
        • Behaviour that appears to be unacceptable
          • Correction: suggested expectations of behaviour
      • Abnormal behaviour is socially determined
      • It is what society decides to be abnormal
      • Abnormal behaviour is judged by a majority
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths
          • For the greater good of society
          • Takes into account how the behaviour of someone might affect other people
        • Weaknesses
          • Doesn't take context or degree into account
          • Ignores culture
          • Susceptible to abuse - what may have been considered socially unacceptable years ago, like homosexuality, is now acceptable
    • Behaviour that violates the norms of a social group
      • Violent, inappropriate, unpleasant behaviour
        • + bizarre


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