defining abnormality

mind map on defining abnormailty! more to come! this is just one section! good luck!

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  • Defining Abnormality
    • deviating from the average norm
      • societies have standards of behaviour
      • varies between cultures
    • failure to function adequetly
      • cant cope with day-to-day demands
        • dysfunctional behaviour
          • behaviour that goes against the accepted standards of behaviour
        • observer discomfort
          • causes other indiviguals to become uncomfortable
        • unpredictable beahviour
          • impulsive behaviour that seems to be uncontrollable
        • irrational behaviour
          • behaviour thats unreasonable and illogical
        • personal distress
          • being affected by emotion to an excessive degree
    • Jahoda (1958)
      • 6 conditions asociated with god mental health
        • positive self-attitude
        • self-actualisation
        • resistance to stress
        • personal autonomy( being in control)
        • accurate perception of reality
        • adaption to the enviournment
    • symptoms associated with mental illness
      • impairement of intellectual functions, memory and comprehension
      • alternations to mood that lead to delusional appraisals of the past and future
      • delusional beliefs
      • disordered thinking
    • issues
      • attempts to define abnormality may be biased
        • Gender
          • biological or hormone diferences
          • different ways in which men and women are brought up
            • this can lead to gender stereotypes
              • biological or hormone diferences
        • Race
          • large number of black people in the UK are being diagnosed with schizophrenia
          • immigrant groups in the UK are more likely to be diagnosed as schizophrenic than native-born people
            • this could be explained by genetics or biological factores
              • rates of occurence wasnot found in countries of origin
              • large number of black people in the UK are being diagnosed with schizophrenia




A very colourful mind map which covers all of the details you need for definitions of abnormality...a likely 12-marker!

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